B&W: 2015 Portfolio

Flowers / Plants / Fruits

Center by Peter Slevcove
A Crown for Life by Herminio Alberti
Tulip by Delaney Turner
Dahlia Natural Essence St Louis Mo-1 by Jack Curran
Levitated by Byong Ho
01 Dogwoods by Jurgen Donatka
Antiqued Peony by Erika N. Haight
Drop Order by Igor Danajlovski
Milkweed 1 by Michael Moyer
After the Rain by Doug Bisson
Calla Profile by Gary A. Thaxton
Day at Mountain View Farm 8 by Alberto Nasti
Farewell-to-Spring by John W. Wall
Clippings #1 by Anne L. Krumrein
Leaves by Mike Holtz
Autumn Shadows by Richard Lotman Brown
Calligraphy 04 by Ludmilla Espiaube
Close Up of Plant by Cristina Ellis
Fallen Wood by Kenyon Blower
Quiet Places 6 by Paul Griffin
Moonflower Study #1 by Ray Pfeiffer
Plant Noir by Rod Mountain
Snow Caps by Frank Fuerst
Estuary Grasses by Lee Gordon
Veggies by Walter Lesus
Pomegranate by Rob Linsalata
Lichen by Scott Pollock
Untitled 2 by Mike Baker
The Old Greenhouse 1 by Sylvie Pinsonneault