Quiet Places 3 by Paul Griffin
Glaciar Upsala by Carlos Rozensztroch
Enshrowded by Rob Linsalata
Pool 2 by Cris Constantinescu
Cloud Rail by M. E. Sipe
Morning Fjord by Bob Bader
Untitled 1 by Frank Fuerst
Sea Stacks 3 by Gordon Middleton
Take it Back by Barry J. Merluzzo
Waterline Marked Boulders by Darlos Schulze
Paradise by Humberto Ochoa
Flowing Down by Gonzalo Rosendo
Back Yard Morning Fog by Kenyon Blower
Lake Haze 02 by Rod Mountain
El Capitan by Thomas S. Parry
Carolina 69 by Chris Bruner
White Rock by Peter Slevcove
The Prodigious by Jewel Islam
Untitled 3 by Ed Drake
Enchanted Bend by Benjamin Dimmitt
Seastacks off Ruby Beach by Scott Pollock
Zen by David J. Nelson
Mountain Stream by Frank Kaczmarek
Pond Parabola by Richard Coles
Triangle by Cristina Ellis
Seascape by Larry Kincaid
Snow and Ice by Elin Dolle
Peaceful Ocean by Joan B. Myers
Sea Cave by Edward M. Fielding
Northwinds Beach by Richard Dakin
Road Trip-9 by William L. Witmer
Wake Up in Black and White by Igor Danajlovski
Pine Island by Mike Holtz