Abandoned 2 by Thomas Duffy
Abbey Doors by Gordon Middleton
Astronomical Clock by Bob Bader
Outbuilding 01 by Nick Brundage
Boulevard Haussman by Richard Anderson
Stone Structure by W. Stephen Saunders
The Great Drip by Stuart Lockett
Clothing Store Manikin by Sherman Bloom
Car at Dusk by Victoria Blewer
Entrance to vacant commercial building by Richard C. Johnson
Abandoned Locomotive by Edward M. Fielding
Baskets by Ernesto Beall
Short Hills by Sallie Carothers
St. James Station by Christopher Sellers
Table by Lisha Yang
Bridge into the Abyss by Danny Caro
Untitled 1 by Steven Greenbaum
Bike Chain by Eric D. Howard
Falling Shack Palouse by Steven M. Ford
Classy and Classic by Michael Parvin
1930 Ford Model  AA Tanker Truck by Dan Greenberg
Adrift with Anchors by John Meyering
Calvary Cemetery by Tyson Rupert
Boathouse (interior) by Richard Dakin
Black Place Shared Visions No. 3 by Ken Sullins
The Bowery 1970 by R. D. Smith
Through the Window by Elin Dolle
Body Dump by John F. Simpson
The Vie by Jewel Islam
Inside Locke 1 by Ron Discipulo
Abandoned Boathouse #1 by Olav Oiehang
Spring Syrup Making by Kathryn Walczyk
Untitled 3 by Nathan W. Dean
Cloud Anchor by M. E. Sipe
Brush Cut by Bill Rosenberg
Door Handle by Peter Slevcove
550 by Christine Leviczky Riek
Two Light by Marco Petracci
Broken by Sylvia Ford
A Tribute to The Master of Photography by Herminio Alberti
Mannequin 1 by Aaron Michael Piccolo
Automate by Delaney Turner
5' Draft by Robert Mueller
Bici #1 by Veronica G. Cardenas
Keys to Heavens by Jos V. Desmedt
Sinking by Tina Kim
Statue of Hercules by David N. Hyman
Dairy Barn by Tyler Lyon
Abandoned Everglades Memorial Hospital 10 by Gonzalo Rosendo
Gophers Perspective by Doug Bisson