Claire LXVI by Michael Ian Goulding
Victoria XLIII by Michael Ian Goulding
Morning Respite by Dan Dozer
Cameo by Rees Gordon
Untitled 5 by William Spangler
Jasmin Compliment by Michael Slack
Arch by Dana L. Winkelman
Lines by Laurits Haaning
Emergent by Dana L. Winkelman
Certain Distance by Ronaldo Pichardo
Lilliputian Landscape by Chester Ng
Michelle V by Michael Ian Goulding
That Creature by Liao Jung-Chan
Up Against the Wall by Marvin J. Gerstein
O - Hands by Robert Preston
Inside Out by Patricia Ramaer
Curve of Her Back by Malcolm Lobban
Grace III by Olga Tarrant
Dreamscape 87 by Dan Dozer
Lady in the Mask by Norton P. Remes
Figure With Chairs by Chris Maitzen
Morning Torso 6 by Dennis Hodges
Syllogism by Carr Kizzier
Fabrique 2 (Marcia) by Hal Eastman
Multiple Entendre by Carl Rubino
Mary at Myvatn by Gene Hollander
Peaceful by Carl Bowden
A Mother's Touch by Roy Whiddon
Angel by Dana L. Winkelman
Simple Beauty by Malcolm Lobban
Bend by Randall Boardman
Morning Torso 7 by Dennis Hodges
Torso by Dana L. Winkelman
Glad Mermaid by Lani Doely
Portrait of a French Woman by Bill Voight
Untitled 4 by William Spangler
Shadows on Ivory by Rees Gordon
Dads Hands by Linda Gayle Parker
Callas Lily by Malcolm Lobban
Gunbelt by Marvin J. Gerstein
Jasmin Shadows by Michael Slack
Claire CXLIII by Michael Ian Goulding
Jen by Norton P. Remes
Eleanor 2 by Richard Rossi
Dance 2 by Kevin Godfrey
Trapped by Olga Tarrant
Untitled 1 by William Spangler
Disturbed Soul by Liao Jung-Chan
Primal by Dana L. Winkelman
Victoria XXVII by Michael Ian Goulding