In Black and White by Mir-Kian Roshannia
Grace I by Olga Tarrant
Campaign Season by Terry Hayden
IDiivil by Dan Dozer
Morning Torso 17 by Dennis Hodges
The Fallen Eve by Liao Jung-Chan
Dance 3 by Kevin Godfrey
Untitled by Thomas Dimaio
Chance Meeting by Charles Dozer
Dancing Light #5 by Dan Dozer
Morning Torso 21 by Dennis Hodges
Untitled 2 by William Spangler
Spider by Roy Whiddon
Torso and Shell by Terry Hayden
Eleanor-3 by Richard Rossi
Type 55 Boots by Carr Kizzier
Decay by Stacey Prince
Drag Queen 1 by Michael A. Lang
Body Lines by Yuri Shalimov
Shapes 2 by Don Robert Kirk
Claire CXXXIII by Michael Ian Goulding
Roxanne 2 by Linda Hollinger
Ascension by Dana L. Winkelman
Figure with Chair by Chris Maitzen
In Repose by Michael Slack
Statuesque by Marvin E. Seiger
Form and Fluidity by Chester Ng
Double Facets by Liao Jung-Chan
Homunculus by Charlie Lemay
Two Fans by Dan Dozer
Sunshine by Norton P. Remes
Nude by Tania Topete
Jessie by Mike-David Bliss
Victoria XXVI by Michael Ian Goulding