B&W: 2013 Portfolio

Metaphor / Abstract

Lost Soul Los Angeles CA 2010 by Dennis R. Ford
GuardiansOfThought.ClevelandHeightsOhio.2012 by Susan B. Griffith
Ocean Dreams 4 by Mike Spector
Untitled 1 by Carlyle Thompson
Barnes and Noble #1 by Ron Draxler
Black rain by Ken Merfeld
Superman by Richard M. Caplan
08Half of the roomToronto2012 by Marina Black
Face 5 by Rick Menapace
Girl with a paddle (the association) by Vladimir Frumin
Pain XXI_Cincinnati_OH_2012 by J. Michael Skaggs
Knowledge by Paul Matte
Cry Babies by Scott Hoyle
Image by Shifra Levyathan
Curly Locks by John F. Johnson
Oregon-Footprint by William L. Witmer
1 Percent by Ka-Luen Chan
Heart Of Mine by Hengki Lee
Untitled 1   Berlin  2011 by I. Jacob Weingarten
Cemetery Wall by Jason Huntzinger
Dave's Farewell by Kat Moser
5UnbearableLightnessofBeingTime by Hugh Jones
Foreshadowed by Elisabeth Groat
Escape by Mindaugus Gabrenas
A Faerie Glen by Debra Small
It is What it Is by Joel Reinhard
Innocence Recalled by Gary T. Postlethwait
Beneath the Southern Cross (Patti Smith) by Ernie Flowers
Bittersweet by Eric Dillenberger
Untitled 2 by Eli Matitiyahu
Dude by James Cingone
Wind Woman by Stewart Harvey
Lightning by Brandy Emerson
Untitled 1 by Cheyenne Flemming