B&W: 2013 Portfolio

Metaphor / Abstract

Eye and Mouth by Jim McKinniss
Angel's Wings by Oliver Stegmann
Never to forget Holocaust (12) by Jurgen Grade
Untitled 2 by Robert Cocozza
Bride by Teeun Medas
TheKiss by Janine Sprout
Assembly Line by Natasha Milijasevic
Headlines 01 - Kandahar face by Kirill Surov
Clothesline by Erika Masterson
Forcado Shadow by Jackson Nichols
Demise by Robert Ryan
Soundless Scream by Damir Tiljak
Untitled 10 by Patrizio Silvi Antonino
Bag Lady-San Francisco by Steve Wolowitz
Water Shadow  Chicago 2002 by Kip Kania
Mexico'sMagic by Marie Juliette Aziz
Dreaming by Josefina Rodriguez Marxuach
Untitled 9 by Horacio Hernandez A.
Untitled6 by Francisco Barbedo