Service Him by Edward R. Sancious
Boy With Pants by Lee Grossman
Shapes of Presence VI by Igor Svibilsky
Vw by Benny Asrul
Family Walk by Michael A. Shapiro
Untitled 1 by James Helmer
Four Reflections by Alan Kornfeld
Passing By by Chris Whitney
Lower East Side 1 by James Carroll
Untitled 4 by Steven Cruz Leacock
Sao Paulo by Jose Luis Silva
Griffith Park by Jay Warren
Empty Florist by Mark McCoy
No Trespassing by Dona Corben
Hold On by Thomas E. Rollins
Sacred Tattoo by Ernest Wead
On Reading by John Jacquemain
Couple by Augustus Napier
Nun by David Jakelic
Homo Urbanicus 9 by Tany Kely
Kazimierz District 4 by Joanna Fedorowicz
You Are Not Alone by Edward Osborn
Court Street by Joseph Corrado
Street Survival 3 by Jack J. Jenkins
Wigwam Motel Route 66 by Carolyn S. Cogan
Hong Kong by Olivier Borson
Captured Grace by Yu-Chen Chiu
Untitled 3 by Peter Willemse
Chicago Afternoon by Eduardo Bermudez
Street Performer 2 by Kyle Wilson
The Opera by Peter Lik
Venice Street #1 by Jim McKinniss
From Above by Darrell Sano
Umbrella Lady by Lloyd W. Birdwell Jr.
Bus Stop by Scott Goetz
Plant on Roof by Sophia Koopman
Dazed by Amanda J. Cain
Alleyway X by Boros Gabor
Purloined 6 by Enrique Ahumada
Night Train by Paul Roelofs
Netball by Ralph Henzler
Extinguished by Linda N. Mann
Wave Back by Ralph Sammarco
Passage 03 by Maja Bogdanic
Love Over Six Centuries by Kiarash Sadigh
Chicago by William Reith
Deep Ellum 1 by Steve Reeves
Musical Notes by Debora Cartagena
London by Roger Cody Bost
Our Father by Alan Bartlett Jr.