B&W: 2012 Portfolio

Cityscape / Street

Boy and Bird by Thomas E. Rollins
42nd Street by James Carroll
Peeking by Priscilla Kanady
Dazed by Amanda J. Cain
Delicate Place by Sarah Lusto
Bourbon Street by Scott Goetz
Dirty Water by Jose Luis Silva
Cyclist by Jeff Ryan
Watching by Denise Silva
London by Roger Cody Bost
A Man Walks In by Yu-Chen Chiu
Man near Train Station #1 by Jim McKinniss
Deep Ellum 1 by Steve Reeves
Alleyway X by Boros Gabor
City Life by Rui Jorge da Cunha Machado Aguiar
Life Among the Concrete by Dmitry A. Repnikov
Extinguished by Linda N. Mann
Alleyway by Augustus Napier
Laundry Day by Ana Paula Aguiar
Under the Bridge #4 by Chris Beauchamp
Purloined 1 by Enrique Ahumada
London Bus by Marco Zanazzi
Baby Zachs by Ernest Wead
Tin Man by Karen Santos
Main Street by Charles E. Edwards
Untitled 4 by J T Lee
Not Open by Norman Robbins
Kazimierz District 1 by Joanna Fedorowicz
Homo Urbanicus 1 by Tany Kely
Mannequin by Jill Nolie
Umbrella Lady by Lloyd W. Birdwell Jr.
Untitled 4 by Steven Cruz Leacock
Comprehension by Edward R. Sancious
Street Performer  2 by Kyle Wilson