Venetian Gallery 2 by Sophia Koopman
Abbe de Silvacane #3 by Paul Hetzel
Purple People Bridge 4 by Joel Kubicki
Fort Casey 3934 by Bob Neiman
Supermarket 1 by Richard Tucker
Doors 3 by Juan J. Pucci
Radcliffe Camera by Michael Flicek
A Finger by J T Lee
Alcatraz 5 by Geffrard W. Bourke
Destination by Hunter Wyatt-Brown III
Hall #1 by Wolfgang Sulzer
Bubbles by Susan Annable
The Bridge Wins by Scott Goetz
Road Construction XXIX by Keith Blandford
Urban Rhythm by Linda Berman
Untitled 4 by Eugeniusz Kumorek
On the Prairie by Roger Cody Bost
Nature Taking Place by Elsa Mota Gomes
Bankers Hall Lobby by Arete
Abandoned by Linda N. Mann
Ghost Runner by Ron Discipulo
Elevator by Paul Roelofs
Ponte Pià by Roberto Frieri
Structural Abstraction 8 by Bob Johnson
Under the Boardwalk by Lloyd W. Birdwell Jr.
The Cross by Carolyn Doucette
Untitled 1 by Chuck King
Stanford Hall Columns by Tom Green
Prairie House 1 by Jane DeGross
Jail Block View No.2 by Cynthia Merzer
Spirit Spaces 3 by Jill Ediger
Fallen by Manuel Jo Monteiro Anjos Pereira
The Quire Vault by John Eaton
Untitled 5 by Won-il Chung
Bridge by Darren Paskal
Untitled 11 by Bruce Blum
Untitled 05 by Arthur Ransome
San Gabriel Mission by Herman Vasquez
Vacancy by David Lykes Keenan
Ellis Island's Promise by Kyle Bebout
American Flats 2 by Mark Hammon
Home 2 by Sabrina Staires
Korean Bell by Helene Apuzzo
By Design by William Reith
Brach's Candy Factory #3 by Rick Kramer
Coal Train by Christopher John Brown
Brick Pavillion by Cliff Derbins
Ribbons in the Sky by Jesse L. Young
Chapter 05 by Maja Bogdanic
Healthy Patterns II by Richard Lotman Brown