B&W: 2012 Portfolio

Architecture / Interiors

Big John #6 by Hal Kaye
Mabry Mill by William L. Witmer
Structural Abstraction 1 by Bob Johnson
Monhegan #3 by Alan Hans
Prison Courtyard by Seta Karabadjian
Grainery by Mark McCoy
Basillica by Joseph Corrado
Archway by Carolyn Doucette
Prairie House 1 by Jane DeGross
Untitled 1 by Chuck King
55 Water Street (terrace) by Mick Andreano
Bridge by Darren Paskal
Abandoned Industry 1 by Joel Kubicki
Korean Bell by Helene Apuzzo
Bahai Temple by Jay Spilker
Bradbury Building by Won-il Chung
Alcatraz 1 by Geffrard W. Bourke
Disney Concert Hall by Jay Warren
Bowlegged by Scott Goetz
American Flats 1 by Mark Hammon
Eastern State Penitentiary Arch by Suzanne Schwartzman
Corner by Jose Luis Silva
Disappearance by Denise Silva
Doors 1 by Juan J. Pucci
Brooklyn by Roger Cody Bost
Gotham by Yu-Chen Chiu
Train Bridge by Jerry Marsico
Behind the Convention Center by Steve Reeves
Daylight Stars by David Lykes Keenan
Cabin in the Woods by Scott W. Amling
Abandoned by Linda N. Mann
Christian Church by Sabrina Staires
Caboose by Brian Anderson
St George Church by Guy Gagnon