B&W: 2012 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Home by Robert A. Levine
Locked Gate by Philip Gornicki
Notre Dame by John Huffman
1185 +147 by Jan Pedersen
Lost by Alan Wood
Rain 8 by Linda Koopman
Big Boy Engine by Janeen Macrino
Please Take a Seat by Alan Wood
Behind by Karian Galustyan
Quiet Light by Andrew Ilachinski
In Memoriam by Rachel Ruderman
Shroud on Evergreens by Jet Fandialan
Cyclist Pauses with Shadows by Paul O'Brien
White Fence by Chuck Kimmerle
Untitled by Kate Kaluzny
Britannia #8 by Royden F. Heays
Old Columns by Tom Green
Etched in Stone by Jim and Anne Mitchell
The Discoverers by Doug Bisson
Skeletal by Jim and Anne Mitchell
Stepping Stones to Eternity by Alan Wood
Birth of a Ship 8 by Nenad Saljic
Fallen Angel by Kate Kaluzny
Untitled 2 by Michael Garza
Forgotten Era by Simone Koffman
Goya Glass by Alan Wood
Corn Bins at Dusk by David McCleery
Destruction 1 by Scott Fowler
Fence and Can by Jeff Unger
Door Ajar by Susan Annable
Buckets by Joan M. Ladendorf
Picasso Moon by Mary Woodman
Locomotive Number 3 by Tom Green
Silver Spurs by Bob Johnson