Sic Transit Gloria by Mark Greenland
The Reluctant Princess by Mark Greenland
Ngaguyɔ B by Mark Overgaard
Nena by Jacque Rupp
The Critic by James Selders
Jeff by Joe Sack
Woman glaring through wine glass by Lloyd Segal
Grandma by Sin Woo Kim
Brothers by Kateryna Ilyuk
The Bride by Ric Savid
On Houston Street by Wayne Palmer
Flower Girl by Tyler Vance
Love of the Future by James Selders
Baltic Tranquility by David Schwitzgebel
My Baby is Sick by Arthur Ammann
Steampunk by Leonie Moreland
The Savoy by Shelley Harvey
Mr. Tucker by James Selders
Bluette by Kat Moser
Waitress by Ric Savid
Lost in Thought -2 by Doug Testa
Bea by David Lancaster
Discussion by Michael Brown
Out of the Void by Richard Batch
Behind the Mask by Camille Madeline Coffin
The Silhouettes by Antonia Pieczonka
Rabbi Walking by Lloyd Segal
Funicular by William Bullard
Dawoud Bey at the Whitney by William Bullard
Old Bridge by David Ruderman
Blue in the Sun by Steve Zmak
A Prudent Conscience by Nino Oliastro
Resting by Taiwik David Chui
Mother and Child by Ric Savid
Music by Kevin Schwarte
Glimpse of a Break-Time Chat by Mary Eileen Carson
Pride by Leonie Moreland
James Nachtwey by Arnfinn Johnsen
Jack by Melinda Adams
Her Dress by Robi Chakraborty
Craze Of Our Lives by Saba Anoushahpour
Hello My Friend by Melinda Adams
Not allowed to smoke in the bus by Natascha Auenhammer
Hobolicous by Jerry Jividen
Allyn by Michael Stoklos
Badass by Ellen G. Ingram
Soren and Delia by Bonnie Josephson
Down in the Dumps by William West
The March by James Selders
Confidence by Doug Testa