B&W: 2009 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Truck by Dorothy Radley
Buddha Heads on Sculptor's Table by Robert Goldstein
Chinese Character by Rafael Padilla
Dried Flowers in Vase by Gary W. Vann
Sealed with a Kiss by Peter Ingrasselino
Crosses by Chuck Kimmerle
Image 4 by Tracy Brown
Horse and Hand by Caitlin Taylor
Birth of a Ship 6 by Nenad Saljic
MSU Shadows by Chris Thompson
The Door Keeper by Youthana Kongsomboon
Lego Lady by Melissa Kostenbauder
Fly by Alexander Sinitsyn
Highgate Angel by Mark Coggins
Cedar Township Founding Fathers by Nancy B. Brannaman
A Cross Along the Road by Dan Richard Barber
Untitled 23 Shreveport  LA by Ernie McDaniel
lLost Horizon 7 by Bill T. Saul
Texture 11 by Julio Hardy
Grain Belt Beer by Kevin Schwarte
European Plan by Charles F. Mason
Dancing Nets by Jon Kolkin
Flying Elephant by Torleif Hamre
Boat Mold by Lawrence Hislop
Lonliness and Sorrow by Julie Rensen
Silver Gate by Van Marcu
Forgotten Apron by Jerome Skiscim
Motor Face by Susan Stone
Air Hoses and Cam Tool by Diane Kreiter
Dew on Rock by Philip V. Augustin
Clamorous. North Beach by Bec Thomas
Untitled 12 by George Messaritakis
Light Bulb by John F. Doyle
Ice Shute by Daniel Michael Sierchio