B&W: 2009 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Dashboard by Abram Blakey
Natural Sculpture #1 by Jerome D. Julius
Rocking Charis by Jerome Skiscim
The Light Beneath the Door by Peter Ingrasselino
Bicycles by Jan Jaster
Broken Shells by Rafael Padilla
Material Witness 7 by Chuck Nakell
Fishing Boat 1 by Randall Howlett
Pemex Reverie by Louis Montrose
Pails by Brian Gilwee
An Old Yamaha by Youthana Kongsomboon
Stone Susan  Raking The Clouds by Susan Stone
Egg Shells In Glass by Eric Metzler
Hearst Kitchen. San Simeon CA. 2003 by Marj Green
Shooters and Shadows by Paul Crampton
Darth Vader Hudson by Tom Green
Horses by Melissa Kostenbauder
Take a Load Off...Chill by Dan Richard Barber
Not Going Anywhere in a Hurry by Dan Richard Barber
Italian Proud by Freddy Beltran
Material Witness 4 by Chuck Nakell
Fight your Demons II by Torleif Hamre
The Dress by James L. Amos
Galacticae Earthbound by Eleanor Owen Kerr
Tennessee by Julius Lester
Guardian by Joseph Marler Bailey
The Old House #6 by Roman Levin
Duck Blind by Mr. Stevo
Staircase by Abram Blakey
Seashell 40 by Cara J. Jennings
The Great Future by Andres Figueroa
Lost Horizon 1a by Bill T. Saul
Sleigh Ride by Charles Albert Huckins
Barrington 1 by Annette Willis