No. 87 December 2011 : B&W+Color : Special: Two Magazines In One!

Issue No. 87

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  1. Time Lapse: A Journey To Flamenco And Back Again

    In 1967 photographer and musician Steve Kahn made a pilgrimage to Spain to study flamenco, a fiercely regional art form deeply rooted in the human condition. His efforts to preserve its legacy honor a time when culture was forged out of shared experience, empathy and creativity.

  2. Interview: Jerry Uelsmann

    The maestro of surreal, composite imagery discusses his influences, emotional instincts and visual syntax, and why he still practices his photographic sleight of hand with traditional darkroom processes.

  3. Point Of View: Master Photographers In Focus

    B&W+COLOR contributor Mark Edward Harris has put hundreds of famous photographers on the other side of the camera in his ongoing series of emotionally affecting and character-revealing portraits.

  4. Profile: Alison Rossiter

    The experimental, camera-less images of Alison Rossiter, which are often made with long-outdated photo paper, elegantly bridge technology and the progression of nature to create a mesmeric dialog with time.

  5. Profile: George Gardner

    Gardner is photography’s poet laureate of Middle America. His images confront our idealized notions of self with uncommon clarity and complexity, and come closer than anyone else to evoking the soul of the country.

  6. Creative Journey: Philipp Scholz Rittermann

    Rittermann’s panoramic vistas of China explore the complex intersection of China’s traditional past and its rapid modernization. His images are topographical maps of a brave new world.

  7. Regional Focus: The San Francisco Bay Area

    The adventurous spirit of photography is alive and well in northern California. The creative ferment stirred up by pioneers like Ansel Adams and Imogen Cunningham still intoxicates contemporary artists — like the bay area quartet featured here.

  8. Profile: Lindsay McCrum

    The phrase “girls with guns” conjures potent, if reductive cultural attitudes. The beauty of McCrum’s portrait series of woman who own guns is the manner in which it deflates assumptions and defies expectations. Context defines content in these eye-opening images.

  9. Profile: Constantine Manos

    Like the eponymous hero of Robert Heinlein’s classic science fiction novel, Magnum photographer Constantine Manos has always felt like a stranger in a strange land. Perhaps that’s why his pictures of America resonate with such clarity and compassion.


Black & White
Andy Ilachanski
Shifra Levyathan
Nenad Saljic
Michael Kirchoff
Fattah Zinouri

Daniel Ruf
Louis Montrose
Joshua Holko
Carla Berger
Tony Sweet
Laurits Haaning