No. 118 December 2016 : Black & White : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 118

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  1. Perspectives : Susan S. Bank: Piercing the Darkness

    To judge from Susan S. Bank’s two photobooks about Cuba, it would seem that the island nation has two distinct faces. One face is found in the densely urban city of Havana, and the other found in the rural province of Pinar del Río, situated at the western end of the island. Regardless of the site of their making, her photographs are full of emotional density and psycho-social complexity. In Bank’s work Cuba comes across as a place of imminence, potential and indeterminacy. Too often geo-socio-political entities get reduced to stereotypes, which is not fair or accurate; over time, Cuba has been especially subject to this distillation.

  2. David Olds Portfolio Contest Winner

    “I search for those unguarded moments when people…reveal something universal about what it means to be human.”

  3. Spotlight: Fred van Veluw Single Image Winner metaphor/abstract