Panoramic Beach Scene by Paul Matte
Organic Baroque 1 by Kit Tsin
Journey by Mary Woodman
Moth Light by Kit Tsin
Loneliness by Seok Ho Yun
Lion in Winter by Donald J. Schwarz
Man with Fan by Maria Muller
Tale of the Professional Beggar by Layzhoz Yeap
Columbia Square by Alvis Upitis
Christina's Crib by Mary Woodman
Lars by Larry Price
Custom House Pier #2 by Mary Woodman
Wave by Rex Naden
After the parade by Jeff Wiles
Rorschach by Rex Naden
Chrylser Building by Joseph Romeo
Grandeur by Mary Woodman
Congress St. by Mary Woodman
Necktie Party by Christopher Robin Blum
Isle-Hopping 1 by Larry Price
Going Back by Paul Matte
Rapture by Christopher Robin Blum
Custom House Pier #3 by Mary Woodman
Keeler Pool by Joseph Romeo
Man 2008 by Everett C. Williams
Church Stairs by Paul Matte
Church Doors by Paul Matte
Indoor Park by Paul Matte
Art-interrupted by Eduardo Fujii
Mirage by Kit Tsin
And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon by David Parsons
I'm Late I'm Late by Dr. George R. Ujvary
Gondolas by Jim DeLutes
The Purgatory of Regret by Curtis Salonick
Poplar Leaf #4 by Donald J. Schwarz
Ti Leaf Hula by Alvis Upitis
The Anger Leaves Me by Bruce Bowles
Olson House #2 by Mary Woodman
Stormy Relationship by Randall Nyhof
Silver Face by Gene Newell
Ink by Kit Tsin
Cloud Bound by Christopher Robin Blum
All or Nothing by Christopher Robin Blum
Chihuli Boat by Barbara Smith
Dominic's Portrait by Paul Matte
Flower Angel by Craig J. Satterlee
Pegasus & Zeus by David Parsons
TheInquisition of Eves Virginity by Curtis Salonick
Custom House Pier #1 by Mary Woodman
Isle-Hopping 2 by Larry Price