Reef by Stephen D. Coke
Junkyard Opening by Fern Tompkins Benson
Blue and Gold by Sally Vogel
Neon Reflections # 7 by Raymond A. Senk
Chickflare by Hunter Wyatt-Brown III
Fracture by Nicolas Hyacinthe
Planet and Moon by Michael L. Wilson
Boarded Window by Bradford Dunlop
Tampa Bay by Dennis R. Ford
Through the Looking Glass by Patricia Sweeney
Lily Pads by Robert Hecht
Abstract by Steve Ryf
St Petersburgh Collage by Mary Doering
Junkyard Hosing by Fern Tompkins Benson
Beam by Carla Stevens
Birch Bark by Mike Grandmaison
Abstract by Todd Kowalski
Bluebird by Hunter Wyatt-Brown III
Serenity by Barbara Bender
GehryI by Patricia Sweeney
Junkyard Hose Curl by Fern Tompkins Benson
Positive by Robert Colantuono
Peace in Blackness by Christopher Poese
Dumpster # 5 by Raymond A. Senk
Forced Shape by Todd Kowalski
Wine Trail 24 by Richard Ediger
Masker Aid by Stephen D. Coke
Medusa 1 by Christopher Costanza
Water Wheel Abstract by Jerome D. Julius Jr.
Wink by Jari Poulin
Untitled Window by Michael L. Wilson
Penitants by Sally Vogel
Spiders Web by Stephen D. Coke
Color Signals 20 by Nicholas Dantona
True Bond by Nicolas Hyacinthe
Vesper by Nicolas Hyacinthe
Wet Sand at Sunrise by Carla Stevens
Color Falls 1 by Christopher Poese
Life by Carol Janik
Blueberry Rocks by Michael L. Wilson
Photo on Cloth by Hunter Wyatt-Brown III
Abandoned Pool in Winter by Gero Heine
Warm Radiator by Joyce Solberg
Dragger Cookies by Karen Lynch
Twig by Jari Poulin
Shinjuku Interior by Dale Leifeste
Dried Paint #2 by Raymond A. Senk
Dried Paint #5 by Raymond A. Senk
Branches by Robert Hecht
Water Swirling by Mike Grandmaison