Little Fella by Weihua Zhang
Winter by Alexander C. Kramer
Tribal Woman 2 by James Johnson
Alone by Robi Chakraborty
Reflections by Ken Driese
Sunset 01 by Benny Asrul
Untitled 2 by Lauren Blankenship
Central Cafe by Terry Bowker
Bird by Sarah Overbeck
Bell Tap by Terry Bowker
Holi One by Terry Bowker
Backdoor by Nathaniel Johnson
Procession by Clifford Baker
Pole Painter by Wayne D. Buhr
Buddah by Judith Monteferrante
Le Balcon Vide by John L. Coker
The Lion of London by Francine Douaihy
Paris Underground by Jim and Anne Mitchell
The Artist by Robert C. Jenks
Gone Fishing by Robert Biondo
Blue People by Stan Singer
Silver by Larry Kincaid
Walking in Mazatlann by Marilynn Waters
Cool Dudes by Jonathan Pontell
Roy's Motel by Brianne Zigler
Lunenburg by Bill McQuarrie
Myanmar Refugee Family by Gloriann Liu
Red by Terry Bowker
Gypsy Girl Begging by Wayne D. Buhr
Faces of Lima by Larry Kincaid
China Trip by Michael Wong
The Cuban Beat by Terry W. Self