Red Seat by Stan Singer
Blarney Castle by Clifford Baker
Near the Coliseum by Wayne D. Buhr
Countryside by Leonardo Corbucci
Boudior by James Johnson
Coney Island #9 by Peter Madero III
Fall Journey by Ewa Messner
Bead Worker by Gloriann Liu
Sunday Afternoon at the Jersey Shore by Alan Wood
Dashing for Cover by Barbara Bender
Bazaar by Robi Chakraborty
Pare by Terry W. Self
Transit 239 by Terry Bowker
Famous Coffee Bar by Michal Poupe
Times We Had 1 by James Johnson
Pink Bicycle by Tim Johnston
Everyday by Lemore Zausner
65 Rose Street by Benny Asrul
Little House in Neiba by Domingo Batista
Temple of Heaven by Terry Bowker
Eton Boys by James Johnson
Early Morning Work by Herminio Alberti
Asleep by the Nile by Tim Johnston
Ganges Nocturne by Louis Montrose
Heidleburg Painter by Edwin George Close II
Lobster Pound by Evan Wolarsky
Late Night on the Spanish Steps by Larry Blackwood
China Trip 127 by Michael Wong
Untitled by Michelle Rogers Pritzl
Window by Benny Asrul
Swish by Bente Andermahr
Portree by Ron Herst
Mumbai Blur by Bruce Wodder
Dawn at La Lomota by Domingo Batista
Monk by James Johnson
Tree of Life by Larry Kincaid
Impending Arrival by Stephen K. Hall
Sunset 02 by Benny Asrul
Eccentric Arches by Louis Montrose
Narita Temple Two by Terry Bowker
Bo Kaap 04 by Benny Asrul
Bo Kaap 03 by Benny Asrul
Bacterial Mats by Lauren Blankenship
Untitled by Michelle Rogers Pritzl
Snake Charmer by Terry Bowker
Old San Juan by Manuel Berrios Roig
P Cove by Bill McQuarrie
Mime by Rick Menapace
The Mall by Diane Kay
Afternoon Chat by Terry W. Self