Organillero by Anylu Hinojosa-Pena
Rodeo by Ellie Whitsett
The Fishing Hole by Robert C. Jenks
Dancing Spirit 21 by Miroslav Vrzala
7s by Angela Bruno
Sunday by Sean McNamee
Stretching by Craig J. Satterlee
The Fog Bowl by Richard F. Orr
Disco 7 by James Johnson
The Audition by Catherine Cummings
Dance in Dream by Chong Kok-Yew
Enough Talk by Rick Menapace
Big Island Dance 3 by Ken Goodrich
Supersport Battle by Rick Menapace
High Buck by Allan Goodman
Rock Climbers by Jane Heater
Early Morning Stretch by Andy Shield
Bronc Rider by Allan Goodman
Surf IV by Stephen B. Smith
Pacific City Sunset by Scott Hoyle
Laying a Black Stripe by Rick Menapace
Fire Dance by Michael Parker
Untitled 8 by Julius Friedman
Elegance at Dawn by Andy Shield
Folkloric Dancer by Kirsten Whatley
Counsel at the Barre by Harry Longstreet
Dancing Spirit 9 by Miroslav Vrzala
Flying High by Allan Goodman
Wood Nymph by Andy Shield
Dancer by Chong Kok-Yew
Goin Down by Allan Goodman
Dancer on Stage by Robin Herstand
Untitled 2 by Tony French
So Big and So Small by Robert C. Jenks
Come Dance With Me by Andy Shield
Flying Sideways by Rick Menapace
Untitled 9 by Julius Friedman
Big Island Dance 5 by Ken Goodrich
Jordan Plays the Horn by Robin Herstand
Prima Ballerina by Robert C. Jenks
Dancing Spirit 1 by Miroslav Vrzala
Beach Dancer by Jan Wolyniak
Native Dancers by Valerie Chaucer-Levine
Baseball in Autumn by Julius Lester
Untitled 7 by Julius Friedman
The Audition 2 by Catherine Cummings
Ballerina by Robert C. Jenks
Strumming by Dennis Usdan
Piano Man by Eduardo Bermudez
Indian Dancer by Clifford Baker