Expectation by Herminio Alberti
Waitress in Door by Clark Gray
Mountain Mist by Tammy Wigington
Restoring by Manuel O. Hernandez
Cathedral Interior by Marti Belcher
Handiwork by Cookie Schwartz
17 Arch Bridge by Terry Bowker
End of the Rainbow by Brian Anderson
Clem and the Lions by Chrystina Geagan
The Fisherman by Mitford Fontaine
Woman Performing Puja by Thomas Cole
Beach Walk by Shanti Golden
Board Meeting by Marian Crostic
Window by Janeen Macrino
Clam Digger by Michael Heiko
Walking In Reflections by Shanti Golden
Good Time by Ian Lee
Man and Car by Barbara Bender
Untitled 1 by Mike Stern Sterzynski
Swing Bridge by Michael Heiko
Untitled 1 by Jennifer Walker
Walk by Izabela Maciusowicz
Tuscan Villa by Jon K. Meyer
Wrightsville by Mark McCoy
UPR not for Sale by Rosa F. Centeno
Monhegan Dock by Mary Woodman
Waiting for Youth by Ronaldo Pichardo
Dancers 16 by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Hmongs Courting Game by Armando Lindner
Lake Michigan Sunrise by Rosanne Mezio
Big in Japan by Terry Bowker
A Secure Break by Herminio Alberti
Morning Fog by Byron Annis
Fruit Stand by Alan Wood
Bus Station by Eduardo Garcia
Sunset by Jane-Anne Egerton
City Parking by Jon K. Meyer
Yacht Chapel by Albert Zabin
Scarletts by Russell S. Lewis
Sunset by Virginia S. Metevia
Schooner in the Mist by Albert Zabin
Shadow by Benny Asrul
Flaming Horn by Clark Gray
Women of the Frontier by Herminio Alberti
Plate Sellers by Stan Singer
Runway by Janeen Macrino
Sunset by Larry Kincaid
Almost Ready by Joseph Corrado
Paris Wedding by Rene Sheret