House 2 by Liz Palm
Singing Dingo Dog by Cleo Wilkinson
Fragment Of Memory V by Igor Svibilsky
Becca with Summer Flowers by Patrisha McLean
Admiralty Officer by Michael Kirchoff
Metro Line 1 by Stan Raucher
Everett Highlands 2 Hoboken by Brian Gorman
Alicia by Richard Tucker
Baby Face by Mary Tuggle
Brothers by Tom Key
Alyssa 2 by Len Sciacchitano
Perseus Slays Medusa Self Portrait 01 by Barbara Warren
Good Morning 01 by Wu Yi-Ping
Alex Derevicky by Yuriy Krupa
Leo Carrillo Beach 10 by Ellie Whitsett
Acquiescence by Alexandros Demetriades
Pantling by Derek Pantling
Ales Jermar Contemplation by Robert Lipet
American Playwright by Ken Collins
100 Yard Stare by Ezra M. Denman
Untitled 12 by Ji Wun Heo
Ba by with Bottle by Stephen Bitel
Doryman & Gull by Robert Miles Wald
Daydream by Alan Bartlett Jr.
Bride by Stuart D. Zaro
Boyds by Leigh Ann Shaw
See Me by Lynn Thomas
Fan Dancer by Neeley Main
Biker Girl 2 by Douglas L. Carter
Fortune Teller by Ethel Kambourian
Neyellie by Juan Herrera
Flute Player Santa Barbara by Bruce Wehman
Blurry by Adam Gooder
Alex by Robert Beckman Breen
Not Ordinary Picture 1 by Giorgio Boschetti
Beca by Danny Gilleland
Remember Me Antonija Jadro by Craig Alan Huber
Allusion by Mariana Sparre
Abel by Justin H. Goodstein-Aue
gFab by Andrew Overtoom
Andres by Felicia Kieselhorst
Fascinating by Radwan Kiwan
David and Dennis by Allen H. Reid
Beach by Paul Morando
Alone by Richard M. Caplan
Guitar and Case by Robert McIntyre
A Little Girl and her Cupcake by Michael Maloney
Ai 4 by Kelly Williams
Daniela by Robert Ojeda
Madame by Mariusz Lichacz