B&W: 2011 Portfolio

Still Life / Objects

Abandoned Car by Dan Francis
Moment in Time 1 by Linda Barsotti
Cooler by Justin H. Goodstein-Aue
Shell #1 by Oshi Simpson
Ghostly Entrance by Tara P. Zehnder
Camera Obscura by Todd J. Donery
Old Press Camera by Jeffrey Sinnock
Aspen Chairs by C. Rod Bacon
Bleacher Creatures by Joanne Scherf
Painted Doors by Phillip A. Windell
Afternoon Tea by Richard M. Caplan
Factory Outlet by Michael Anthony
Casks by Chad Cable
Bedroom by Rita Pignato
Old Timer by Mariusz Lichacz
Untitled 10 by Carly Petrie
Brick by Mike Wonser
Seattle Underground by David Patterson
Rental Boats by Robert A. Dawson
Electrified by Gabriel Stanciu
In Contemplation by Ron Harris
Clarksburg by James A. Primrose
Fork by Dominic Martello
Hook by Paul Smits
Mine Shaft and Cart by Stefini Borcoman
Abundance by Toni Beatty
Fear and Anger by Deborah Mickler
Swing Bridge 01 by James Kueffner
El Camino by Donald LaBelle
Rail Lands 1 by Robert Teteruck
Faces in Windows #11 by Ron Draxler
1909 Window by Robert Scheuerman
Graffito by Joao Ramires Fernandes
Remembrances of Things by William Acosta