Lumination on the Water by Jon Kolkin
Untitled 1 by Alfred Ng Wai Sian
Glasses by Soegiarto Soejatono
An Offering by Mickie Rosen
Abstract by Soegiarto Soejatono
Butterfly by Soegiarto Soejatono
Holding Hands by Mickie Rosen
Alien Eyes by Soegiarto Soejatono
S by Luc Laflamme
Bottles by Soegiarto Soejatono
Reincarnation by Kristen Smith
Letters by Joan M. Ladendorf
Tree Monster by Don Russell
Magic Ride by Mickie Rosen
Trespassers by Mickie Rosen
Half Life by Luc Laflamme
Glitch by Luc Laflamme
St. Marks Cathedral by Stanley Harris
Like the Back of My Own Hand by Dennis Fritsche
Artist N Art by Kaliopy
Serpentine Forest by Mickie Rosen
Sukshma Sharira by Luc Laflamme
Untitled by Kevin Babcock
Waiting on a Lady by Jan Wolyniak
Archaic by Luc Laflamme
Untitled 2 by Milicska Jalbert
Curtains by Joan M. Ladendorf
As Time Goes By by Jill Flyer
Optical Mystery by Jon Kolkin
44 and 66 by Randall Nyhof
Ball by Soegiarto Soejatono
Cosmos Meets Metal by Jon Kolkin
Precipice by Randy Williams
Beacon Of Light by Mickie Rosen
Annamaya Kosha by Luc Laflamme
Linga Sharira by Luc Laflamme
Puppeteer Face (Curved reflections at the Cloud Gate surface) by Oleg O. Moiseyenko
Meditation by Soegiarto Soejatono