Amaryllis by Peter Damiani
Four Boats by Victoria Ruderman
Red Telephone Booth by Victoria Ruderman
Beached Boat by Victoria Ruderman
David and Kim by Jennifer Spencer
Lamp With Pearls by Joy Kardish
The Balcony by Joy Kardish
Jed and Chiron by Virgil DiBiase
Caislean Ghráinne, Achill Island, Ireland by Lani Doely
O'Heynes Church, Kilmacduagh Monestary, Galway, Ireland by Lani Doely
Burrishoole Friary, County Mayo, Ireland by Lani Doely
Garden Plots by Robert Anderson
City Streets by Robert Anderson
Rail Yard by Robert Anderson
Shades of Gray by Robert Anderson
Gila Cliff Dwellings by Jo Kubran
The Mountains by Sandy Lloyd
Ponte Roma by Sandy Lloyd
Rota by Sandy Lloyd
Table and Chair in the Sun by Sandy Lloyd
Walking at Night by Sandy Lloyd
Through the Glass by Sandy Lloyd
The Vase by Sandy Lloyd
Skull and Rosary by Sandy Lloyd
The Piano by Sandy Lloyd
Pont Valentre by Matt Connors
Rue Des Chapeliers by Matt Connors
Untitled #2, Coney Island, Brooklyn, 2019 by Peter Madero III
Belladonna by Sara Yerkes
Birdbath With Succulents by Sara Yerkes
Egg Vase With Safflowers by Sara Yerkes
I'll Try Writing Instead by Sara Yerkes
Tallow Berries by Sara Yerkes
Monument by Vasily Samoylov
O'Hushed October by Barbara McCabe
Sleeping Pears by Robert Poole
Door and Tails by Robert Poole
Rgb-Inspired by Sharlene Holliday
Lost Notes by Sharlene Holliday
Tyler Arboretum by Michael Geagan
Federico With Elena by Margrieta Jeltema