Untitled by Mary Goodrich
Smooth Surface by Esperanza Gomez
Dircles and Lines by Lynne Mass
Dreamland by Lynne Mass
Light Propulsion by Lynne Mass
Fontaine De I'Observatoire Jardin Du Luxembourg by Ted Tribolati
On a Harmonica by Barbara Maker
Crazy Tulips by Barbara Maker
The Blessing by Chuck LaChance
Fear by David Cohen
Tulips With Style by Barbara Maker
The Wren Stair by Gerald Shonkwiler
Fire Escape by Karla J. Levi
Dreamland by Lynne Mass
Lower Antelope Canyon by Bob Neiman
Self Portrait With Cigar by James R. Swartzlander
No One Told Them #2 by Lee Grossman
Wow by David Cohen
Thoughts of Those Passed by Barry Good
Museum by Robert Anderson
Shadow by Robert Anderson
Light Walker by Carl Basner
Offering by Carl Basner
Reclamation by Virginia Sandman
Numinous by Virginia Sandman
In Brooklyn by Wayne Palmer
Lunar Garden by George (Bill) Keaton
Bone Moon, Gainesville, Florida, 2022 by Don Rice
Blood Moon, Gainesville, Florida, 2021 by Don Rice
Baño Arte by William Jackson
The Prisoner by William Jackson
Half Dome by Scott Blake
The Street Sweeper by Anne Dignam
Worley Gig by Anne Dignam
Untitled #3 by Peter Madero 3rd
Untitled #8 by Peter Madero 3rd
Untitled #10 by Peter Madero 3rd
Tropic Heat by David Cohen
Stairstep Abstract by Karen Curran
The Hug by Gwen Solomon
End of the Road by Gwen Solomon
Lunch at the Zebra Cafe by Stephen Majsak
Saks Fifth Avenue Model by Jerry Kay
Heading Home by Arthur Jacoby
Jazzy Shoes by Joanne Scherf
Billow by David Pantuso
Angles and Lines by Barbara Maker
Square Jumper by Gary Levy
Here and There by Gary Levy
Central Station by Bjarne Holmgren