Faceless by Barbara Maker
Hanging Around by Barbara Maker
Proletariat by Lodiza LePore
Fortress by Bob Neiman
Rebirth by Bob Neiman
Angel Girl by Maria Bartola Mejia
Empty Nest by Cyd Peroni
The Storefront by Howard Grill
Leaving Ahead of the Storm by Gary Koenig
Passing Thru by David Cohen
Amish Ride to School by Gary Koenig
Dark Destiny by Chuck LaChance
Shapes by Brian Connor
Looking Down by Boris Keller
Former Roman Emperor by Tom Green
Almost Midnight by Nathaniel Whitlow
Guarding by Gwen Solomon
I'll Eat My Hat by Gwen Solomon
Santa Cruz Angel by Aurora Andrade
Just One by Richard Smith
Snow Angels at the Rockefeller Center by Sorin Costache
Reality Lost by Mike Eubanks
I Can Do This by Arthur Jacoby
On Display by Kay Beausoleil
Following Peace by Tania Deisinger
Window View by Daniel L. English
Meditation by Daniel L. English
Lampshade by Silvestre Machado
Crossing Swords by Paul Nitsche
Lazarus by Gustaf Elias
Midnight Sun by Gustaf Elias
Going By by Linda Buongermino
Going Up by Linda Buongermino
Waiting by Linda Buongermino
Unreel Reels by William West
Steamy by Melissa Lackey
Orpheus and Eurydice by Melissa Lackey
Untitled 2 by Rick Menapace
One Size Fits All by Carlton Johnson
Step Into the Light by Krzysztof Brzeski
Boarding by Dan Bauman
Unsheltered by John Meyering
Words Exchange by John Meyering
Grand Centrall Station by Myron Slabaugh
The Noir Ascender by Jason Au
Klaatu Barada Nikto by Lance Pressl
Orb by Lance Pressl
Read the News Today, Oh Boy... by Lance Pressl
Rose by Lance Pressl
Tree Woman by Mary Woodman