Receiving by Mary Goodrich
BC Driftwood by Jeffrey Lapid
Icy Leaves by Jeffrey Lapid
Sherman's Kitchen by Jeffrey Lapid
Iris at Rest by Barbara Maker
Flower by Karla J. Levi
Ta Prohm Pagoda by Lee Grossman
Water Plants by Lee Grossman
Serenity by Dennis Ninmer
Clivia by Tony Barbour
Softness by Tony Barbour
Iris by Marc Sheridan
Flight by Marc Sheridan
Pionies by Angela Previte
Peppers in Dish by Lawrence Cincotta
Vines by Sarah Salomon
Nymphaea Blossoms, Gainesville, FL, 2023 by Don Rice
Nymphaea Blossom, Gainesville, FL, 2023 by Don Rice
Peruvian Apple Cactus Blossoms, Gainesville, FL, 2023 by Don Rice
Plumeria-9 by David Ruderman
Untitled #6 by Peter Madero 3rd
Untitled #9 by Peter Madero 3rd
Awaiting a Zephyr by John Diephouse
Cascade by Beamie Young
Spotlight by Beamie Young
Tiger Lillies by Allan Gill
Two Lillies by Allan Gill
Monstera by Sandy Pavel
Fungi by John Kuhn Jr.
Hydrangea Leaves in Rain by John Kuhn Jr.
Morning Flight Over Hitchko Field by William Pierson
Asymmetry by Elisabeth Groat
Looking Thru a Window of Palms by Jerry Kay
On a Morning Walk by Sorin Costache
Untitled XII, Acadia, 2020 by Drew Harty
Looking Down by Jane Sydney
Trio by Jane Sydney
Flowers by Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin
Entropy Study 18 by Allen Birnbach
Entropy Study 22 by Allen Birnbach
Petal Power by Gary Levy
Heart Tree by Victoria Ruderman
Jade Vine by Victoria Ruderman
Yesterday by Kay Beausoleil
At the Heart by Kay Beausoleil
Left Behind by Kay Beausoleil
Veins by Jessica Margo
Garli and Onion by Jay Bergman
Passion by Jay Bergman
Dandelion by William Acosta