Me Three by Lynne Mass
Old Barn Sell Off by Stephen Mack
Once a Mansion by Larry Bean
Wall Me In by Barbara Maker
Pull Open the Sky by Randy M Williams
Opposing Lines by Randy M Williams
Hole in the Sky by Chuck LaChance
On Edge by Carlton Johnson
Floating by Robin Zygelman
Gaudi's Le Pedera Oculus by Gerald Shonkwiler
Into the Abyss by Gerald Shonkwiler
Untitled by Karla J. Levi
In God's House by Karla J. Levi
Bridge by Karla J. Levi
Bridge 2 by Karla J. Levi
Under the Buckminster by Stephen Majsak
Looking Up by Stephen Majsak
The Bridge by Kenneth Tyson
Spiral Staircase by Bob Neiman
Shadows by Catherine Duggan
Landmark by Harlan Crowder
The Mausoleum by Howard Grill
Looking Up by Howard Grill
Arches by Lee Grossman
Descent Interval by Lee Grossman
Doorway, Rissani, Morocco by Lee Grossman
Passage #32 by Lee Grossman
Ghost On by Gary Koenig
Grey Towers by Barry Good
The Shapes of Hudson Yards by Samuel Vovsi
Monserrate Palace Kitchen by Tony Barbour
Sydney Opera House by Tony Barbour
Empire State Man by John Bald
Escape Art by Edward Ries
Showing the Way by John Martinotti
C and H Sugar, by Roger Lieberman
Crockett Underpass, by Roger Lieberman
Disney Concert Hall by Roger Lieberman
Morning Light Chelsea by Wayne Palmer
Downtown Manhattan by Wayne Palmer
A Relic by Gerry Fisher
Iron Work by Scott Blake
Stairs by David Ruderman
Finding the Light, Desert Church by Christine Truhe
Ashram Pinnacle-Reaching for Nirvana by Christine Truhe
Untitled 2 by Matt Windle
Untitled 3 by Matt Windle
Spiraling Downwards by Anne Dignam
Salinas Pueblo Mission Quarai #1 by Susan Delgalvis
Salinas Pueblo Mission Quarai #2 by Susan Delgalvis