Shelter by Eva Yang
Appearing 16 by 365 Evan Plunkett
Poseidon Rising by Lani Doely
Tool Box by Roger Raepple
My Mask and I by Shelley Harvey
Through the Door by Michael Gannon
Side by Side by Michael Gannon
Ambling Viewers by 365 Evan Plunkett
Solo Man by Sara Szpektor
Mask 9 by Leanne Trivett
Remember by Arthur Jacoby
The Ponderer by Laurie Blanksma
South Simcoe RR 2 by Simeon Posen
Mauling Man by Melissa Lackey
Angry Stella by Laurie Blanksma
Watch Your Back by Shelley Harvey
Giant Bulb by Javid Kamali
It's Locked by Leanne Trivett
Desert Sun by Robi Chakraborty
Carnival last day by Silvestre Machado
Dancing With Myself by Melissa Lackey
Arty #6 by 365 Evan Plunkett
The Offering by Melissa Lackey
Appearing #3 by 365 Evan Plunkett
Sad Grinch by Laurie Blanksma
South Simcoe RR 1 by Simeon Posen
Arty #11 by 365 Evan Plunkett
A Selfie for Magritte by Michael Parker
Mannequin by Stephen Bitel
The Black Cat by hifra Levyathan
Gallery by Robi Chakraborty
Monochrome 17 by Max Sturdivant
Crystal in the Water by Crystal Cleaver
Blurrrrr B&W by Leanne Trivett
Nowhere Man by Melissa Lackey
Follow My Lead by Dana Holt
Late for the Party by 365 Evan Plunkett
The Boardwalk by hifra Levyathan
And Away She Goes by 365 Evan Plunkett
Behind the Phoropter by Márcio Padilha
Street of Umbrellas by Arthur Jacoby
Captain America by Daniel Ivan
Torn by Vincent Smith
Sea Rat by Laurie Blanksma
Under My Spell by Nestor Novo
Les Braves by Arthur Jacoby
Baby Doll by Stephen Bitel
Illusion by Eva Yang
Obsession by Jason Au
Mask 1 by Leanne Trivett