Root of the Crane by Bruce Herman
Empty House by Doug Testa
Dark Desert Highway by Denise Silva
Follow the Infrared Road by Leanne Trivett
House in the Woods by Doug Testa
Stage #2 by Ralph Ferdinand Palm
Alien Aphid by Leanne Trivett
Wortendyke Barn by John Doyle
Mill House by Doug Testa
Bay Storm by Kip Absher
Empty by Geffrard Bourke
Sagrada Famila by Arthur Jacoby
Anne by Sarmite Bogdanovica
Fireweed Fall Fuzz by Kip Absher
Stream by Doug Testa
Calla Lily by Seta Karabadjian
In a Fog by Leanne Trivett
Ever-Present Now by Chikiyo Jackson
Atardecer by Peter Zarkob
The Beginning by Kenneth Weissblum
Night in Verona by Samuel Vovsi
Docked Boat by Doug Testa
Ready to Teach by Paul Dunlap
A walk on the Beach by Samuel Vovsi
Light Me Up by Leanne Trivett
Touch of the moment by Sarmite Bogdanovica
Flat Car Towed to Nowhere by Bruce Herman
Reawakening by Patricia Riveroll
Ghost by Elisabeth Bard
A Bouquet of Eustoma and Weed Flowers by Seta Karabadjian
Ascension by Chikiyo Jackson
Restless by Leanne Trivett
Joking by Leanne Trivett
Oragami 3 by Elisabeth Bard
The Eye Film Institute by Rob Bekker
Observing Innocence by Chikiyo Jackson
Fiddler by Arthur Jacoby
Helen Salazar by Jeffrey Weiser
Haircut by Geffrard Bourke
The Story Repeats by Samuel Spear Jr
Lord's House B&W by Leanne Trivett
Woods Road by Doug Testa
Untitled 3 by Curtis Salonick