Perspective by Fiona Warren
Brothers from Another Mother by Denise Silva
Missing Puzzel Piece by Leanne Trivett
Zooming Butterfly by David Cohen
Thistle by Seta Karabadjian
Boulder on a Wall by Bruce Herman
Leaving Alcatraz by Tom Green
Where Are You by Carlton Johnson
A Memory Of Souls by Wendy Verity
Yesteryear by Carlton Johnson
Going No Farther by Bruce Herman
Heili Afternoon by Kip Absher
More than a memory by Chikiyo Jackson
Buffalo Dancer by Arthur Jacoby
Facing It by Leanne Trivett
Off the Rails by Denise Silva
Catwalk by Leanne Trivett
Aftermath by Denise Silva
Hanging Together by Samuel Spear Jr
Vecina by Orlando Sanchez Lugo
Talkeetna Winter by Bruce Herman
Abandoned Farm by Geffrard Bourke
Invisible by Leanne Trivett
Rooftop Grain Loading by Tom Green
Athena by Kenneth Weissblum
Calla Double Exposure 3 by Marc Sheridan
Grewingk Glaicer by Kip Absher
Into the Abyss by Denise Silva
I Am My Ancestry by Wendy Verity
Four Stars by Leanne Trivett
House on the Edge by Doug Testa
Querini Stampalia by Cheryl Slechta
Roentgens Dream by Kenneth Weissblum
80 Winters by Kip Absher
Oragami 1 by Elisabeth Bard
Rock and Roll by Arthur Jacoby
Fishing Pier by Geffrard Bourke
Valentine Woman by Tom Green
Renacer by Peter Zarkob
Seagull by Paul Hulewicz
Brookfield 4 by Leanne Trivett
A Southern Food Group by Paul Dunlap
Untitled 2 by Curtis Salonick
Young Woman Dressed as Flapper by Jim McKinniss