Cats Meow by John Fawcett
Cortona by Dennis R. Ford
Grandma by Mateuzek Raczek-Zakrewski
Barbecue in the Park by Liz Palm
Faith for the Ride by Don Senia Murray
Rain by Maksim Yezerov
Chess Match by Anita Licis-Ribak
Becancour by Joseph D. Conwill
Art of Italian is Being 1 by Vasilios Sfinarolakis
Art Appreciation by David Lykes Keenan
25 de Mayo by Chip Van Pelt
Bridge by Joe Gledhill
Angkor Wat by Berlin Bailey
Venice - Then and Now by June LaRocca
A Glorious Death by Leann Chaney
Beach 3 by Bobby Ogrudek
Alone by Johannes Frank Johannesson
Abondoned Stretch by Dennis Fritsche
Tables and Chairs 3 by Melinda Isachsen
Ages Ago by Carey Nash
Untitled by Paul Smits
Great Wall Heroes 1 by Ray Cheung
Barber by Rela Juraszynska
Morning Walk by Dennis Nauert
Awanee Hotel by Steven Stewart
Abbey Door by Marjorie Kay
Sunrise at DFW by Dale Livingston
Aboard by George G. Clark
Morning Coffee by Steve E. Chapman
Break by Denzil Hawes-Davis
Untitled by Chester Ng
Americana by Malcolm L. Edwards
Untitled 2 by Joubeen Mireskandari
Adelaide Street by Vladimir Kabelik
Chess in Cismigiu Park by George Omorean
Brookwood Farm by Lonnie Landrey
3 Monks by Thomas Stoffaneller
Hand and Nose by Mathieu Monceaux
Untitled 3 by Gokhan Mutlu
Mali 01 by Larry Louie
Ascetic by Stephen Rae
Ice Cream Vendors by Thomas G. Hocker
Chinese Festival by Manfred Zeuch
Children Begging by Alison McCauley
Calle de Arminan by Brian P. Dunleavy
Barcelona's Alleys 2 by Rodrigo Gómez Cordova
Fete d'Amour by Darek Solarski
The Restaurant by Michael Holtz
Arab Women in Judea by Pamela Sweet
An Old Sea-Dog by Paulo Monteiro