B&W: 2021 Portfolio

Cityscape / Street

Old Chinatown by Tom Green
Spring by Mark Gubin
Passing through light before the evening turns to dark 12 by Bahman Tabaei
NYC Corona Lockdown 9 by Peter Madero III
Galveston 8 by Steven Reeves
10 Covid Warrior by William Bullard
In the Clouds by John Schum
Swans Island by Sheila Bodine
T'bird Llantas Plateadas by Don Rice
Cornered by Jim Lustenader
Tokyo Umbrellas 5 by Jos V. Desmedt
Miami Courthouse steps by Dwayne Daley
East Harlem by Robert J. Anderson
Dog Step by Hillary Greene-Pae
Shadow Jumping #3 by Guy Llewellyn
Sliver by Eric Renard
Ace Locksmith by Richard Karp
Stickball Carroll Gardens by James Manfredonia
Greyhound by Tom Zsolt
West Loop during Covid 2 by Simon Laufer
Pioneer Square by Richard Spang
Place Vauban by Heikki Gröhn
Storm Watchers by Miroslav Vrzala
Lovers 4 by Gilbert Maker
Bklyn 911 Sky by Suzanne Carter
Nuns Walking by Anton Panchenkov
Untitled 5 by Christina Kennon
Body Language #4 by Brian Dolzani
Vision #9 Guggenheim Court by Gustaf Elias
Smoke by Lisa Miller
Domed by Ed Justice Jr
The Hub by Chopphotography
Entering Shadow by Jason Au
Dry Cleaner's by Roger Gaess
Christmas Lights by Sonja Hall
Manhattan by George R. Lewis
Extrapolations 2020-5 by Joseph Pizzuto
Naked Cowboy by Richard Batch
Strange(r) San Francisco 02 by Oliver Heckman
Impermanence - 02 by Giorgio Faustini
Woman in Chalk by Ric Savid
French Quarter Busker by David Lancaster
Welcome by Federica Vecchi
Predawn Perspective by Bill Hambly
Sipp Machine Company by Todd Darling
Beach Street 2 by Stuart Brontman
Watching The Protesters by Scott Brock
Congregate by Lisa Hunt