Out of the Shadows by Rick Menapace
Untitled 8 by Peter Madero III
Me Meeting Me by Samuel Brown
The Overthinker by Zoey Trask
Mother Earth by William R. West, Jr.
Mask #1 by Saman Majd
Holding the Leaf by Scott Fowler
Mask #2 by Saman Majd
Monster in the Shadows 2 by Scott Fowler
Holocaust Memorial by Tony Williams
Decisive Moment by Clint Saunders
Self Discovery by Samuel Brown
Les Enfants by Carole Usdan
Atomic Jellyfish by Mary Woodman
Witness to an Execution by Robert Chrosciewicz
Maine Man 3 by Mary Woodman
Lily by Carole Usdan
Things we do to each other by Spyros Lambrou
Charlotte by Carole Usdan
Stripes by Eduardo Garcia
America by Gregory Talley
Rainy Day by TR Smith
Trapped by Diane Michaud Lowry
Break Dancer by Susan Bone Annable
Energy by Susan Bone Annable
Nuns' Pilmgrimage to Big Sur by Steve Zmak
Self-Portrait by Eric T. Kunsman
New World Order by Robert Chrosciewicz
This Way by Michael R. Stimola
Loss of Innocence by Robert Chrosciewicz
December Walker by Spyros Lambrou
Wind Power by Jim Kohatsu
Entering a Scene by Spyros Lambrou