Homeless by Richard Stocker
Circus Juventas by John L. Rodman
Wedding 2 by Tyler Vance
Daredevil From Mostar by Emmanuel
May 1 by Natalie Morawsky
The Muralist by Sheila Bodine
Lunchtime by Brent Nicastro
The Look by Robert Blum
Deicing by Joe Sack
Lathmar Holi by Wendy Hannum
Minnesota State Fair by John L. Rodman
Love & Corn Dogs by Karen Cummings
Love In by Richard Stocker
Busy Kitchen by Ron Croft
Diner 1 by Jon Meyer
One Percent by Norman Robbins
Guardian by Kirk Lamb
One Out of Many by Ellen G. Ingram
Rings by Tyler Vance
Sicilian Barber and Carpenter by Perry McNeal
We the People by Caroline Russell
Harvest Parade2 by Mark Heitner
Wedding by Tyler Vance
Diner 2 by Jon Meyer
Shoshone Rest Stop by Karen Cummings
The Conversation by Karen Cummings
Soldier by Edyta Kielian
Drummer by Steven Greenbaum
Just Do It Santa by Karen Cummings
Finally! by Jean-Francois Sigrist
Digging a Hole by Robert Chrosciewicz
Abuse by Jeff Wiles
Construction Worker by Brittain McJunkin
Brooklyn Wedding by James Gallagher
Rolls by Steven Greenbaum
Produce Delivery by Thomas Robbins
Harvest Parade1 by Mark Heitner