Corridor by Sandy Lloyd
Elevated Shadows by Joe Puglisi
Petronas Tower by Ira Serkes
Old Sugar Mill by Roger Lieberman
Chelsea Market Square by Phyllis Featherstone
The Palace of Venaria by Massimo Badolato
Sanatorium by Clint Saunders
The Drapery by Eric T. Kunsman
Health Spa by Mark Ferguson
Romanian Church by Tom Green
Doors by Dennis Fritsche
Qubbat Al-Sakhra Dome of the Rock by Ira Serkes
Point Cabrillo Light Station by Thomas LaBounty
Up the Down Staircase by Beamie Young
Funk's Grove Church by Stephen Curtis Wilson
Padova Window by Christine Federici
Gothic Arches by Howard Grill
Tintern Arches by Marion Villines
Bridge by Gary Driggs
Pacific Gallery by Carlos Caruso
Armington by Stephen Curtis Wilson
Five Graineries by Andrew Jevne
Freedom Tower by Stephen K. Hall
Harpa Interior by Marilyn Baldi
Duomo Di Milano by Daniele Regis
Tall by Tom Green
Govone Castle by Massimo Badolato
Storm Clouds Over Liberty Bridge by William Abbott
Old City Hall by Phyllis Featherstone
The Way Up by Alan Hart
Setting Sail by Rick Menapace
Hand Delivered Package by Marshall Gould
Einstein Tower Einsteinturm by Ira Serkes
Natural History Museum by Drew Buckmaster
Landmark Theater by Matthew Mu
2100 Ross by James R.  Haas
Titans by Kenneth Tyson
Many Enter by Diane Michaud Lowry
Sky View by Howard Grill
House Movers Stuck in the Mud by Jon Meyer
Light Lines by Rick Menapace
Adobe Walls by Daniel L. English
Down the Tubes by Gerald Shonkwiler
Victorian House and Chimneys by Anne-Marie C. Dannenberg
Basement Shadows by Marj Green
A Cowboy and His Dog by Stephen Curtis Wilson
Archways by Tom Kirkendall
And Then the Rains Came by Steve Huth
Apocalypse by Marlene Mendez
Bridge at Rappahannock by Joycelyn Wilson