The Little Match Girl by Dolores Smart
Valeria's Magical Gestures by Margrieta Jeltema
Jacques by Jenny Devine
At a Tajik Wedding by John Eaton
The Taste of Tears (From the Book) by Margrieta Jeltema
Child of the Mursi Tribe by Elaine Jones Heron
When Babies Stare by Ellen G. Ingram
Waiting for a Mermaid by Sandra Swanson
The Kiss by Diana Standing
Half and Half by Robert  Chrosciewicz
Watching the Parade by David L. Robertson
Big Eyes by Hillary Greene-Pae
Focus Pocus by Sylvia Sampson
American Parade by Jeff Wiles
Untitled by Elisabeth Bard
Children at the Village Gate by Elaine Jones Heron
After the Earthquake by Matthew DeZee
Ethiopian Woman by Elaine Jones Heron
Children and Gaze by Ronaldo Pichardo
Hauling Water by Ron Cooper
Basket of Love by Terry Norman
Growing Up Cowboy by Sue Wright
Julian by Jeff Wiles
Waterfall Fun by Elaine Jones Heron
Mom Can Heal Anything by Ellen G. Ingram
New Understandings of Old Iron by Kenneth Evans
Untitled 4 by Walter Johnson
Reassurance by Brian Connor
At the Serpentine by Ted Byrom
Yerning by Monica Brewer
Untitled 1 by Walter Johnson
First Dance by David Moyle
Childhood Reflections by Ronaldo Pichardo
Mom and Baby by Ron Cooper
Flower Girl by Marjorie Gurd
I've Got You My Brother by Dan McGarrah
Serious Conversation by Emmanuel Dale
Motel Living by Thomas Mangione
People and the CITY #2-2 by Dae Won Park
Italian Summer by Margrieta Jeltema
Generational Love by Victoria Ruderman
Bridge of Trust by Diana Standing
Monk Studying by Doug Steakley
Obsession by Sylvia Sampson
In the Moment by Bob Bader
Kindness by Ed Sancious
The Lighthouse Boy by Díana Júlíusdóttir
Rapt Attention by Stephen K. Hall
In the Moment by Diana Standing
Untitled #11 by Peter Madero III