B&W: 2020 Portfolio

Cityscape / Street

Untitled 3 by Lu Zhang
Red Wine and fine Cuisine by Lawrence Silverman
Dead Man by Monte Gerlach
Gothic night by Daniele Regis
Untitled 1 by Alan Hans
The Square by Nacho Garces
Bow River by Aynsley Stelfox
Disney Forever 6 by Bruce Barshop
#8 Eight Years After by Gary Johnson
Keruac Alley by Jackson Nichols
Nap by Mary Tuggle
Brooklyn Bridge by Clint Whitmer
Piper Of Havana by Blake Kuehn
Accident by Arvid Fimreite
Atmosphere 4 by Don Bierman
FM487 West by J. Reagan Ferguson
Haitian Street Procession by Robert Virga
Handmade Textiles by Jenny DeVine
South Philly by Vira M. Sivachuk
Passing Shadows 11 by Arkadiusz Kubisiak
Pompidou Sunset by Daniel Andre Vaquero
Steel Production by Craig Nedrow
The Model by Stephen Laszlo
Untitled 3 by Mara Vodinelic
Urban Life J by Oliver Heckmann
Contemplation by Olya Gary
Siena Cycle by Paul Dunlap
Durmiendo by Frank Villafane
The Old Street by Vojin Drenovac
Bikeweek Daytona Beach #1 1990 by Scott Clarke
Crossing by Bruce Herman