B&W: 2019 Portfolio

Still Life / Objects

Out to Dry by Howard Landau
Eastern State Penitentiary #10 by Al DaValle
Parkpavillon by Michael  Schiffhorst
Hermitage of the Virgin of Fajanillas by Nacho Garces
Downward Spiral by Alina Marin Bliach
Back Door Romance by Sophie Mosimann
Dried Snakes by Alfred S. Pagano
Princeton Welding #8 by Mitch Nelles
Socialism or Death by Michael Borg
Morning 03 by Janos Szita
Terraplane by C.E. Morse
Trees by Kenneth Tyson
Haussmanism by Karina Castan
Front Porch by Michael Knapstein
Ancient Horse in Modern Snow by Arnold Clayton Henderson
Rocket Sled Test Figure by James Maxwell
Michael Murphy by Michael Tucciarone
Rooted by James J. Maloho
Bokeh Bath 1 by Patrick Davidson
Egg Beater by Michael Parvin
Locomotive Shop by Peter J. Pelke II
Grain Terminal by Clinton Whitmer
Untitled 4 by Visti Kjar
Embrace by Michael Lew-Smith
Bridge 7 by Richard Bresden
Three Wine Glasses 7 by Bob  Neiman
USS Missouri 3 by Miriam Klepper