New Year by Eduaro Fujii
Repose by Harry Longstreet
Mummer Kiss by Stanley A. Singer
Child in Corner by Jon Kolkin
Kurdish Elder by Marty Olsen
Nathan Sheer by David D. Ryan
Santorini at Dusk by Jim & Anne Mitchell
Rain on Barnyard by Wim Weeda
Gateway Visitors #1 by John R. Ziemba
Subway by Rosa Calderon
Leaving Bucharest by Joyce Woolems
The Conversation by Charles Search
Waiting 2 by Andrea Kaiser Carmosino
Generations by Andy Brooks
Hue by Larry Kincaid
Umbrellas #1 by Joseph Barnett
Untitled 1 by Garrett Mockler
Weight Machines by Mark Coggins
Monhegan by Thomas Ulrich
Hamburgers by Kevin Schwarte
Three Millers by David Dodson
Woman by Chere Pafford
From the Train by Julio Hardy
Zadar Bridge by Fabrizio Capsoni
Salisbury Beach #1 by Isa Leshko
Corn by Mary Jo Scanlan
Viewpoint by Randall Howlett
Moon over Cape Porpoise by Mary Woodman
No Parking Zone by Alejandro Suarez
Mui Nie Fishing Village by Robert Dodge
Old Timers of Turegano by Tim Schweighart
Interlude by John R. Ziemba
South Rim by Thomas Ulrich
The Beach by Cesar Gomezperalta
Cite Metro by Kathy Cudlin
Sikh Brotherhood by Louis Montrose
Woman on Esculator by Joseph Barnett
Sun and Bench by Garrett Mockler
Wedding by Julio Hardy
Church by Harald Ingebrigtsen
Ukrainians by Cole Thompson
Girl in Tea Room by David Dodson
Harlequin Time by Annette Willis
Golden New Mexico Church by Walt Viney
Sleepers by Julio Hardy
Manhattan by Cleo Wilkinson
Pinhole Pier by Alvis Upitis
Untitled 3 by Nicholas Ossa
Lunch Hour by Bill Bain
Before the Storm by Jon J. Verburg