Interior 4 by Tom Rutherford
Lasso the Moon by Layne Morgan
Yip-Yip by Cintia Malhotra
Eclipse 8 by Steve Baroch
Foot Print by Tom Kirkendall
On the Beach by John Diephouse
Interior 3 by Tom Rutherford
Revelation by Cintia Malhotra
Gone with the Wind - Old Barn by Arthur Ammann
Architecture by Michel Audet
Exodus II by Steve Zmak
After 5000 Years by Suzy Ro
Still Life by Diane Kaye
Stranded by Cintia Malhotra
Monday by John Diephouse
ICA Miami by Scott Hoyle
Sumi-e Shadow Study #2 by Saman Majd
Death Valley Dunes by Bob Neiman
Interior 1 by Tom Rutherford
Steps Not Taken by Myles Gallagher
les Ailes d'un Ange by Sylvie Pinsonneault
Rorschach Test Ice Formations by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
Suspense by Yvonne Todd
Faces in the Sand by David L. Robertson
Old Car by Rosemary Williams
Form by Yvonne Todd
Weathered Rock by Walter Pinkus
Reflected Landscape in Ice Droplet by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
Slice by Ralph Henzler
Cut #2 by Daniela Gobetti
Pattern Study #1 by Dennis W. Ninmer
Abstract 1 by Carlos Caruso
Wave by Eduardo Garcia
By the Light of the Eclipse by Rosella Mosteller
Untitled by Myles Gallagher
Raining Feathers by Gregory Talley
Hong Kong by Taiwik David Chui
Looking Glass Leaf by Art Braitman
Smallman Street by Layne Morgan
Tree Detail by Michael Hart
Building Pattern by Massimo Badolato
Connection by Diane Kaye
Call of the Wild by Joan Moir
Sky Lines by Jurgen Dopatka
The Performance by Joan Moir
Untitled 4 by Van Marcu
The Wave by Don Jacobson
Rocks by Tom Kirkendall
Passing Through by Beamie Young
Prison Cell Wall by Randall Boardman