Crates by Pak Han
Early Delivery by Tom Green
Between the Lines by Evan Brown
Shopping by Stuart Lieberman
Give Way by Jim Lustenader
Say Ahh by Jim Lustenader
Can You Hear Me by Jim Lustenader
Follow the Leader by Sheila Bodine
Take Shelter by Karen Commings
Sliver of Light by Bernard Werner
Hoping for a Call by Sheila Bodine
The Sitter by Bowman Leong
Street Scene by Kevin Clark
Restaurant Laperouse by Gene Dominique
New York City Rooftops by Jorge Gaj
Perfect American by Mark Ferguson
After the Storm by Tom Green
Wellbeing by Robi Chakraborty
Sidewalk Dining by Norman Robbins
Rue Grangier by Leonard Seeve
Stares by Jim Lustenader
Warning by Norman Robbins
Women of Montepulciano by Steven Greenbaum
Our Lady of Kazan Russian Orthodox Cathedral by Alexa Van de Walle
Unseen by Bernard Werner
C-U-C-ME by Mike Baker
Playground by Robi Chakraborty
The Bus by Joshua Sarinana
Sunday Morning by Silvestre Machado
Nautch by Ralph Henzler
Untitled1 by Bowman Leong
Late Hours by Tom Green
Waiting for a Bus by Mike Spector
Malecon Nocturne by Stephen K. Hall
Citibikes by Ray Germann
Skyline of New York City by Stuart Lieberman
Bassist by Jim Lustenader
Sun Up by Ann Saffer
Chef Walk by Steve Burkett
Rue du Parloir by Kay Beausoleil
Blue Sea Beach Hotel by Mike Spector
Mutin by Ralph Henzler
Expressive Development by Marshall Gould
Metaphor by Bernard Werner
Alley by Matthew Mu
Untitled 3 by Sonia Bragh
Dumaine by Norman Robbins
Lights of Coal Harbour by Kay Beausoleil
Chez le boucher by Bowman Leong
Foggy Board of Trade by Terry Strayn