Mourning Dove Angel by Gary Cook
Titanium Tones by Gerald Shonkwiler
Bellagio Tower by Robert Hewgley
Looking Up II by John A. Begnino
Antietam 2 by Jerry Jividen
Mourning Dove Angel Wings by Gary Cook
Alverthorpe Entrance by Stan Singer
Restaurant by Linda Fitch
Light From Above by Steven Stanger
Flatey Island Church by Tom Sliter
Open Spiral by Marshall Gould
Walt Disney Concert Hall by Scott Hoyle
Under Expressway by Robert Anderson
Autumn in New York by Denes Darab
Renovation by William Brennan
Griffith Park Observatory 2 by Stephen Sallows
The Moschite of Dite's City by Daniele Regis
Textures by John Keselyak
Light at Tunnel's End by Joel I. Crossrow
Kauffman Center by Bill Thomas
Underside of the Overpass by Peter-Andrew Gravina
Colonnade by Rob Haff
Conical Vents by Marshall Gould
Rick Was Stoned Here by Denise Dethlefsen
Lives Inside of Cubes by Saori Ichikawa
Stairs to Galley by Wesley Maye
Peterson Sun by Gerald Shonkwiler
Skyline by Nancy Miller
Fernanda by Silvestre Machado
RuaNova by Jorge Gaj
Stairway to Light by James Vedder
National Cathedral by Alan H. Simmons
California Street by Mike Spector
In a Small Hotel by Jon Meyer
Prairie Chapel by Gerald Shonkwiler
Polytech Coil by Joel I. Crossrow
Edifice by Howard Grill
PolyTech Roof or Window by Joel I. Crossrow
Manhattan View by Allan R. Lamb
Cosmo I by Robert Hewgley
Stairwell by Robert Preston
Patterns and Crystal by John Keselyak
High Rise Stripes by Joel I. Crossrow
Animated Metal by Gerald Shonkwiler
Man Under Stair by James Vedder
Moon Over Carrie by John Stritzinger
A Monumental Skylight by Gerald Shonkwiler
Entrance to the Armory by Peter-Andrew Gravina
Vanishing Bridge for Steel by John Stritzinger
School House by Stephen Sallows