How Like a God (Discobolus 1) by William Batsford
Crossing 57th Street by Gwen Solomon
Drill Press by Jason Lucey
Mattress Autoclave by Kathy Conway
Imprison Myself 001 by Jungwon You
Urban Elements #1 by Michael Katzmayr
Street  Light #2 by Kenneth C. Evans
Clock by Cris Sandoval
Peace by Juan Antonio Henriquez
Commuter Conduit by Eric Williams
Norway Sunset by Elisabeth  Flynn-Chapman
Bottle Tree by Mike Cavenaugh
At Rest by Allan R. Lamb
OCG III by Steve Ross Fisher
Portrait of the Old Machines 1 by Thomas Kung
Ghosts of the Sagebrush 11 by Malcolm Mosher
Timeless 1 by Fred van Veluw
Drift 1 by Robert Julei
Living Amid What Was Lost by Roger Gaess