No Way Out by Mark Greenland
Time by Felix Tian
Parasol by Linda Jarrett
Stand or Die by Mike Callaghan
Untitled 3 by Diane Silverman
Visitor Series #86 by Carl Rubino
Multi-egos by Jung-Chan Liao
Light From Above by Steven W. Stanger
Waiting to Enter by Scott Fowler
Naissance by Steven W. Stanger
Untitled 1 by Diane Silverman
Z by Dennis Usdan
City Story by Marvin E. Seiger
The Darker Side by J. Michael Gannon
Untitled by James Aubry
Ancestors by Bernard Werner
Untitled 3 by Bill Jackson
Dryer Duct Chess by William West
Angel by Ingrid Wessel Bernal
In the Beginning by Diane Silverman
Are We by Troy Colby
Untitled by Susan B. Griffith
The Apocalypse of Mary Magdalene-1 by Jung-Chan Liao
The Apocalypse of Mary Magdalene-2 by Jung-Chan Liao
Sheep Barn by Susan B. Griffith
Abstract by Stuart Brontman
Untitled 2 by Curtis Salonick
Shadow Story by LeeAnne Mallonee
Untitled 5 by Bill Jackson
Untitled 3 by Ingrid Wessel Bernal
Untitled by Tyson Rupert
Abstract by John Eaton
Untitled 4 by Bill Jackson
Replacing a Loved One by Troy Colby
Discontinuity by Bernard Werner
The Arrival by Bill Jackson
Reflective Spirit by Kenneth C. Evans
Untitled 3 by Michael Boyer
Broken Locks by Troy Colby
The Evolution of Soul by Jung-Chan Liao
Dark Angel by Bill Jackson
Woods with Artists by James Arzente
The Phantom by Dolores Smart
Fleeting Upward by Troy Colby
Untitled 1 by Bill Jackson
Paper & Metal Construction by William West
Untitled 2 by Bill Jackson
To Hold the Meanings in my Hands by J.M. Golding
Bear Hug by Brandy Trigueros
Vacant by Linda Omelianchuk