Untitled 3 by Anne De Geer
Curious by Ron Trimarchi
Guard Dog by Nathan Caplan
Being Judy by Joan B. Myers
Fallopian by Stephanie Lehr
College Student by Nathan Caplan
Dont Bother Me by Marvin J. Gerstein
Klaas by Patricia Ramaer and Onno van Middelkoop
Beach Glow by Peter Madero III
Local Woman by Jack Delmonte
Water Bearer by William Acosta
Wall by Laurence Cuelenaere
Jazmine by Michael Slack
Mennonite After Church by William West
The Eyes Have It by Joel Reinhard
Alone by Barry Homewood
Adornment by Linda Omelianchuk
Praise to the Sun by William Acosta
Sam by Len Blau
The Long Farewell by Ellen G. Ingram
Liberia by Sandra Banister
Old Bob by Mark Greenland
Classics by Stephanie Lehr
Mission Street San Francisco by Richard K. Jolliffe
Market Day by Dolores Smart
Thursday Afternoon by Tyler Vance
Too Much Chocolate by Nathan Caplan
Tammy by Marvin J. Gerstein
Cerebellum Combustion by Stephanie Lehr
Tadhg and Sophie by Shannon Phair
Weathered Face by Jerold Hale
Cathy by Patricia Ramaer and Onno van Middelkoop
Play With Me by Philip Lawrence
Servant by Michael Klick
Schoolhouse by Barry Homewood
Children Playing in Fountain by Jonathan Briggs
Girl With Parakeet by Linda Hollinger
Survivor by Natalie Morawsky
Sisters by Louis Kravitz
Hippies by Ron Trimarchi
Mens Prayer by Jim Kohatsu
Untitled by Tina Kim
Soldier Carrying His Daughter Kotel by Bob Neiman
Fishing for Minnows by Fred Shiple
Maya Measured by Shannon Phair
Subway Passenger by Nathan Caplan
Young Photographer by Christina Power
Confrontation by Philippa Stannard
Dragshow 3 by Eduardo Martinez-Blanchard