Shredded Poster by Lee Grossman
Reflections by Bob Bader
Basswood by Jim Bielecki
Water Abstract by Carol MacLeod
Wise Cracks by Michael K. Reyburn
Morning Joe by Ellen G. Ingram
Turmoil by Dennis Fritsche
One Man's Treasure by Bernard Werner
Blosom by Cris Constantinescu
Untitled 1 by Keith Settle
Wet Black Street in Corolla by Virginia J. Mahan
Apple Stairs by Stephen Bitel
Space Invaders by Bruce J. Nichols
Stained History by Bill Livingston
Paper Flower by Christos Markou
Plant by Lee Grossman
Demolition by Kenneth Sekiguchi
Sandstone Cliff by Jerry Kay
Wet Deck by Christine Hillegass
Goddess of the Trees by Linda Sauer
Hosta Leaves by Angela Cameron
Motion Traces by John Wesley
Wall and Pole by Lee Grossman
Convolute Butte by Don Jacobson
Drought Coming by Linda Sauer
Glass by Tania Topete
Bridge by Norman T. Robbins
Illuminating by Richard V. Bava
Wall by Ari Plosker
Patina by Adam Laws
Chicago River Bridge by Cheryl Quick
Pipes by Jane Vickers
Untitled 1 by Bradley Bush
Flow by John Wesley
Layers of Love by Lin Swee Hoe
Which Way by Linda Sauer
Untitled 6 by Gregory Talley
Natural Geometries #2 by Jane Yudelman
Stairs by Christos Markou
Floating Sticks by David Guidas
F - Water Reeds by Robert Preston
Untitled 8 by Youngsook Chung Zhang
Sand Statement by Lee Grossman
Castle Wall and Moat by Jim Kelly
Fusalage Collage by Gerald W. Shonkwiler
Shoreline Reflection by Jerry Kay
Bristlecone Pine by Michael K. Reyburn
Diablo by Stephen Bitel
Black and White by Michael K. Reyburn
Natural Geometries #3 by Jane Yudelman